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Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Hosted by Kristen Monaghan
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 
Lactation Educator (LE)

Come and meet other parents-to-be and learn about breastfeeding!

At Nourish Them we offer comprehensive support to parents and infants at each stage of their feeding journey, and that starts with prenatal education to set you up for success in the early days of feeding.

As your baby approaches full term there is a lot of focus on learning about labour and delivery, in order to prepare for the challenging and incredible process of birth. But many of our families tell us that birth was actually the easier part! Most parents wish they had learned more about feeding to feel more prepared when arriving home from the hospital with their tiny baby.

What you will learn...

HOW to feed your baby:

  • how do I help baby get a deep, pain-free latch?

  • which breastfeeding positions will work best?

  • should I be using a pump? which kind and how often?

  • when will my milk come in, and how do I know if baby is getting enough?

  • what if my baby struggles to latch and needs a bottle?

WHEN to feed your baby​​

  • how long should baby breastfeed for, and how often?

  • what are baby's hunger cues?

  • what is cluster feeding?

  • should I wake my baby to feed during the night?

newborn baby in mother's arms.jpg

Offered the third Saturday of each month, in-person at Nourish Them

10-11am        $25

This workshop requires pre-registration in order to attend

Secure your spot by contacting us or emailing Kristen directly at

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