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Your baby is ready to start eating, and you eagerly give that first bite, video camera rolling!

But baby's reaction may not be quite what you were expecting... 

A Little baby eating her dinner and maki

Introducing Solids

Did you know there are things you can do to help with the successful introduction of solids?

At Nourish Them our goal is to provide new parents with the right tools and strategies to establish successful feeding from the very first few bites.


We can answer the many questions that new parents have, and educate about different approaches to starting solids, like the benefits of providing purees along with baby led weaning.


Together, we can design a plan for introducing solids that feels right for you and your baby.

Mealtime Challenges

Is your little one struggling with chewing or swallowing?

Do you notice gagging, vomitting, over-stuffing, refusal behaviours or picky eating?

We know how hard this can be! 

At Nourish Them we start by completing a thorough assessment. Once we understand the problem, we will create a detailed treatment plan. Feeding therapy should be positive and responsive, which is always the approach we will take.


With your consent we will provide holistic care, collaborating with other healthcare professionals when required (physician, dentist, registered dietitian, naturopath, etc).

18 months old toddler refusing to eat hi
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