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Have you ever heard someone say...

"she didn't talk until she was 3, now she's 13 and she doesn't stop!"

Early Speech and Language

We have all heard about "late talkers", who often catch up to their peers with time. However, research shows that early intervention is the best way to enhance outcomes for little ones who have difficulty learning to speak. It's never too early to make communication motivating and interesting for your child.

In our initial session we will complete a thorough speech and language assessment together, as you know your child best! We will review the results with you in detail, and provide you with education on speech and language development.

Smiling Baby

 If your child presents with delays in speech and/or language, we will provide you with strategies you can start using right away to enhance your child's learning. We will then develop a therapy plan that will fit into your family's already established routines. Let's add some therapy goals into bath-time, story-time, meals and play! 

Together we can make intervention manageable for your family, effective for your child, and fun for all of us!

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